Sancho Kalcev

Hi Scott

Just want to genuinely thank you for this car for my mother who suffers dementia.Due to the medication she is on her mobility has dropped off a lot and the little Porte has saved me because: 

  1. Easy to load her as low to ground,electric left hand seat comes out of the car and wide easy entry on slideing door side,it was impossible for me to lift her into my landcruiser by myself anymore
  2.  lots of interior space,her wheel chair folds in back compartment designed for wheel chair easily,there is the electric davit to lift the wheel chair in and out but at this time I lift it in manually as her wheel chair is alloy and light but you need the electric davit for the heavy steel wheel chairs.
  3. Very reliable and cheap on fuel
  4. Can park it almost anywhere in the tightest of spaces,I always find a space at her nurseing home car par


Many thanks again for your  help to make my life and my mother’s life easier


Best Regards


Sancho Kalcev



Postal:  P.O. Box 70, Bankstown, 2200